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Search for Common Ground (SFCG) is an international non-profit organization that promotes the peaceful resolution of conflict. With headquarters in Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium, Search’s mission is to transform how individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict - away from destructive approaches towards cooperative solutions. With more than 600 staff worldwide, Search implements projects in more than 30 countries across the globe.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Consultant: Production of our Heritage Audio Drama for Soci Media and Radio Platforms

Location: Jos, Plateau (Middble-Belt)
Consultant - Local
Consultancy: Production of our Heritage Audio Drama for social media and Radio platforms

About the Project
Project Goal & Specific Objectives:

  • Search for Common Ground (Search) Nigeria is implementing a 24-month project with an overall goal to contribute to preventing violence and the destruction of lives and properties resulting from protracted violent conflicts between farmers and herders while combating impunity and promoting the freedom of religions and belief in the Middle Belt region of Nigeria.

The specific objectives are:

  • To increase collaboration between farmer and herder communities to develop joint, effective, sustainable local mechanisms for early warning response, dispute management, and violence prevention and mitigation at the community levels.
  • To strengthen implementation of rule of laws and accountability measures by the government of focal states and relevant federal government institutions to respond to and prevent violence resulting from farmer-herder conflicts at the state levels.
  • To enhance public understanding of the farmer-herder conflicts by promoting conflict sensitive contents and, countering hate speech, stereotypes, biases and negative narratives that fuel violence.

The project will be implemented in selected LGAs of three states, Plateau, Nasarawa and Benue, which has been experiencing escalation in the violence and the loss of human lives and property as a result of farmers-herders conflicts.

Activity 3.4 Social Media Campaign:

  • As part of the deliverables of this project, Search has made a commitment to implement a social media campaign that will reach a target of at least 5000 people. Social media has played a large role in perpetuating stereotypes, particularly around Fulani herders, and negative narratives around farmer-herder relations and the conflict.
  • Hence, Search will fund the production and promotion of 15 episodes of audio drama tagged “our heritage drama series” which will highlight stereotypes, particularly around Fulani herders, and negative narratives around farmer-herder relations and the conflict. The audio drama messages will be focused on moving beyond these stereotypes and celebrate shared humanity and rights to freedom of religion or belief.
  • The 15 episodes of Our Heritage audio drama series will thereafter be published and promoted on Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which will be used to share credible information. Search will also leverage existing relationships with radio houses in project states through the media fellows to air the audio dramas across the radio stations where possible In order to further penetrate and reach our target demography and beyond.
  • We will also engage key opinion leaders, media influencers and celebrities to be the credible voice to address and dispel rumors that fuels farmer-herder conflicts and reprisal attacks.

Methodology for activity:

  • SFCG, plans to work with citizens to increase access to positive messaging that dispels rumors and inciting speeches, strengthen understanding of conflict drivers, and fosters intergroup engagement between herders and farming communities.
  • To this end, Search will fund the production of a 15 episode audio drama to support this initiative. Search will leverage on the skills and resources of experts to create innovative and inspiring drama content that has the potential of changing the narratives between these communities.
  • Search is now looking to work with a contracted creative hub for the scripting, recording, production and editing of these contents. The 8-10 minutes long audio drama will promote peace and unity by highlighting inspiring stories, messages, and raising awareness on the root causes of conflict to dispel the notion that conflict drivers are linked to identity and religion.
  • The creative vision and content of the audio content will be envisaged by the consultant. SFCG will upload these contents on its social media handles which can be listened to both locally and internationally by a wide range of internet users, especially the target audience.
  • The audio drama content will be scripted in the most-widely spoken language (mainly English, and some instances of native languages spoken by natives in the middle belt area to ensure ownership by listeners) so that the messages and themes are more relatable and accessible to a wide range of people.

Expected Outputs:

  • Promote conflict sensitive contents that will encourage healthy interactions in cyberspace.
  • Improved narratives on conflict sensitivity content and reportage in non-adversarial ways.
  • Stimulate understanding of the common ground approach;
  • Understanding of Trauma awareness and sensitive journalism;
  • Awareness and understanding the objectives and goals of the project;
  • Instilling the culture of sustenance of peace at all times.


  • The contractor will develop an 8-10 minutes long audio drama content which will include introductions, cast and transitions.
  • The contractor will provide all necessary production, and post-production equipment. No equipment or software (i.e., computers, audio editing software, etc.) will be purchased under this activity.
  • The contractor is solely responsible for engaging all personnel to facilitate all aspects of this contract as necessary. All costs associated with the audio content production and will be the sole responsibility of the contractor and should be incorporated in the contract cost proposal.
  • The contractor will establish operations rapidly and efficiently in consultation with SFCG, to accomplish formative scripts and other preparatory work. The contractor is expected to hold a meeting with the Dutch team to further familiarize with the project goals and objectives.
  • The audio drama series should convey core messages of the Dutch project and tell engaging stories through a creative and well scripted content.
  • The audio drama series should mirror the communities’ situations through different and unexpected perspectives, the challenges faced, and also their conflict coping and managing strategies. The content should target laypersons and appeal to human emotions through beautiful and vivid imageries in the storylines and production process.
  • The content should include professional high quality transitions, voice-over or peace message at the end of every episode, and appropriate supporting background music.
  • The content should be so appealing to the human senses that the listeners would almost see the picture.
  • SFCG will provide expert field knowledge, and expects the contractor to incorporate in his work when developing these contents.

The period of production for this contract is approximately 1-2 months:

  • Development: The contractor will work closely with SFCG to learn about the Dutch project and its objectives. With this background, the contractor will generate initial ideas, propose storylines, and possible scripts for the audio content. The work during this phase may be conducted remotely from the proposed start of the contract in May.
  • Pre-production: The contractor will work closely with SFCG in selecting characters, and method of delivery to ensure that idea of inclusion and conflict sensitivity are entrenched in the plots of the stories
  • Production: The contractor will script and start recording the content during this period. The contractor can work with the SFCG team, incase of clarity on some narratives, names of communities, stakeholders or any other intellectual resource they will be needing.
  • Post-production: The contractor will work closely with SFCG during the editing phase to finalize these contents and make corrections where necessary. The work during this phase may be conducted remotely.
  • Distribution: The contractor will deliver to SFCG all 15 episodes of the content in a flash drive even if  episodes are sent prior to the delivery of the final work for upload on Search’s social media handles. The contractor is not responsible for further distribution of these audio contents.

Proposal/Offer Submission - Each bidder must submit the following:

  • A technical proposal, of no more than four pages, describing how the audio production objectives will be met within the stated timetable. Also a narrative “pitch” describing the basic audio drama concepts and examples of how the content would be structured.  
  • Technical qualifications with select internet or social media links of content developed by team members.
  • Budget/financial proposal to include overall cost for the contract. Final audio content decisions will be discussed between the consultant and SFCG before production begins.
  • Creative portfolios, including internet links or digital copies of relevant scripts developed by the organization.

SFCG will evaluate applications based on the following criteria:

  • Understanding of the proposed project narrated in the technical requirements per the SOW.
  • Review of the consultant ’s portfolio and technical capabilities including creative storytelling, applying emotion to, and content that informs, inspires, and motivates audiences.
  • Experience and demonstrated ability to do the job
  • Price will be one of the components in the evaluation of proposals.

Application Closing Date
15th July, 2020.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online


  • As job descriptions cannot be exhaustive, the position holder may be required to undertake other duties that are broadly in line with the above key responsibilities.
  • Only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.
  • All Search Employees must adhere to the values: Shared Humanity - Empathy - Impartiality - Inclusivity - Courage - Hope - Humility - Audacity. In accordance with these values, Search enforces compliance with the Code of Conduct and related policies on Anti Workplace Harassment, Protection from Exploitation and Abuse, Child Safeguarding, Conflict of Interest and Anti-fraud.
  • Search for Common Ground does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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