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The Nobeah Foundation is the not-for-profit counterpart of Nobeah Technologies Ltd.,a technology company focusing on technology with deep potential for social impact as well as the strong growth prospects required for sustainability. The innovative technology developed by Nobeah Technologies Ltd. targets transformative change, aiming to dramatically impact areas such as literacy, and health care. But in addition to these immediate potential impacts, Nobeah's core values are to seek deeply insightful solutions that reach the heart of social challenges, changing the very equations so that they solve themselves in a sustainable way. The Nobeah Foundation was created to distribute technologies from Nobeah Technologies Ltd. on a subsidized or free basis where those technologies could have dramatic impact.

Across Africa the Nobeah Foundation will raise money from both local and international donors to sponsor free or subsidized distribution of the technologies from Nobeah. Through these activities the foundation will achieve its goal of supporting insightful game-changing innovations that impact the very equations of human suffering and limited opportunity so solutions emerge organically, then building capacity for the solutions to sustain themselves and provide a solid platform on which further innovations may find anchor.

Position: Volunteer Country Liaison

Some of the areas relevant to this position in which Nobeah Foundation is researching solutions are below.

· Afripad – a radically cost effective hybrid e-reader/computer set to revolutionize access to educational materials and to transform educational outcomes.

· FreeSunPower Solar Panels – a modular solution which through ease of deployment and expansion is intended to dramatically accelerate adoption of renewable energy based on solar power.

· Hybrid Grid Electrification with Nobeah's Renewable Energy Solutions – a mini grid solution intended to accelerate rural electrification while increasing resilience. This solution also will act as the power source for the Afripad.

· Internet Caching Solution – stores (caches) internet content offline so that children in schools without any internet connectivity can still enjoy a rich educational browsing experience.

· Nobeah Distributed Discrete Work Management Methodology (DDWMM) - the DDWMM is Nobeah’s signature methodology and is key to Nobeah’s business operations. It will enable complex projects to be broken down into simple work units that can be completed remotely by less experienced resources to help in creating local jobs in Africa.

· Nobeah Off-Grid Power Solution – an easy to use and tool-less renewable energy solution that is modularly expandable from serving the needs of one individual to serving the needs of many.

· NobeahSmartwire – Nobeah’ssmartwire provides a means to create a mini-grid from Nobeah’s renewable energy solutions without the need for tools or specialized expertise, in order to dramatically accelerate electrification.

· Women and Girls Technology Mentoring – Nobeah already has agreements for large internship programs signed with various universities in Nairobi. This mentoring program will solicit donor funds to bring more young women into those programs with a focus on giving mentorship for the technology industry as a whole rather than on Nobeah’s specific needs.


ROLE: Country Liaison(s) - multiple positions available.

LOCATION: Any city, Nigeria

COMPENSATION: This position is volunteer.

Summary of Position:

The Nobeah Foundation is seeking a Volunteer Country Liaisonto prepare for the launchof itsoperations in Nigeria. The position will report to the Executive Director in Kenya. The role of the Volunteer Country Liaisonis to work with Nobeah headquarters in Kenya to contribute to the effort of identifying and defining Nobeahprogrammes throughout Africa, but primarily tohelp guide the effort of understanding how to customize Nobeah'sprogrammes for Nigeria. This role will also help identify new programmes as well as define recruitment needs for Nigeria andidentify partnership opportunities within the country.

This position is flexible to work anywhere between 5-40 hours a week, some of which are preferred to be M-F from 9-4:30pm. The position accommodates 100% remote work. Computer skills and experience with Microsoft Office is very helpful.

The role will be required to spend a few hours per week volunteering to familiarize themselves with our overall leadership and strategic direction, and how they could be adapted for maximum programmatic effectiveness and impact within Nigeria. This includes the overall direction and management of the organization’s research and educational programs, resource development, finances, personnel, contracts, and organizational assets. It is hoped that within 6-12 months a Volunteer Country Liaison might become familiar enough with our culture, governance structure, staff and management structure, finances and funding sources, research, advocacy and educational programs for them to take a paid administrative role helping to guide the operations of the Nobeah Foundation as it becomes established in Nigeria.

The Volunteer Country Liaison will establish collaborative working and personal relationships with the organization’s board of directors, staff, consultants, research and community partners, donors, foundations businesses and volunteers and follow regular updates on the Nobeah Foundation’s programs while contributing timely and concise progress assessments.

Whenever required to be a spokesperson the Volunteer Country Liaison will serve as a knowledgeable, articulate and effective advocate, in person and in writing, for the organization. Inclusive in the responsibilities this position will be groomed for are:


  •  In partnership with the board, staff and other stakeholders evolve a vision and strategic roadmap for the organization’s sustainability and growth.
  •  Explore opportunities for growth and new programs; focus on strengthening and creating new partnerships/relationships that support Nobeah and its mission.
  •  Oversee recruiting, supervision, retention, motivation and evaluation of staff to ensure they are well-suited for their positions and for the challenges facing the organization; develop a performance evaluation and review system with emphasis on well-defined goals, clear responsibilities, options for and clarity around staff growth and development and levels of accountability for all staff.
  • Actively engaging and energizing the Nobeah Foundation spokespeople, partners, volunteers, board members, event committees, alumni, partnering organizations, and funders.
  •  Developing core programs and organizing efforts to deliver and manage these core programs to the community served by the Nobeah Foundation.
  • Be fully informed of national and local developments that may impact the Nobeah Foundation’s programs.


  • · Advanced degree, ideally an MBA, with a number of years of senior management experience; track record of effectively leading and regionally and/or nationally scaling  a performance- and outcomes-based organization and staff; ability to point to specific examples of having developed and operationalized strategies that have taken an  organization to the next stage of growth.
  • · Proven problem solving skills and financial experience in the non-profit, public or private sectors; a master in business or a master in non-profit management would be helpful but not required.
  •  Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • · Excellent computer skills, including MS Word, Excel, and internet research
  • · Must have a computer and readily available internet access.
  • · A track record of success in framing a diverse fund development strategy including foundation and grant writing, fundraising events and solicitation of donations from individuals and businesses.
  • · Outstanding oral and written communication skills, a history of public advocacy including excellent public speaking skills adaptable to a variety of constituencies, general public, scientists/researchers and funders.
  • · Ability to lead an organization with creativity and vision, a dedication to excellence, humility and a sense of humor.
  • · Unwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation.
  • · Excellence in organizational management with the ability to coach staff, manage, and develop high-performance teams, set and achieve strategic objectives, and manage a budget.
  • · Past success working with a Board of Directors with the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships.
  • · Strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures. Passion, idealism, integrity, positive attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed

How to Apply

To apply for this position send an email to with your resume attached and with the subject line: “Re: Application for Volunteer Country Liaison - Nigeria”. Please ensure your name and other contact details are both in your resume and in the email itself.

Sorry the application deadline for this job has elapsed

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