Corporate Trainer

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Corporate trainers play an important role in making their companies more competitive by developing the skills of the workforce. They help to accelerate organizational change by developing the skills a company requires if it plans to enter new markets or needs to transform its business performance. Companies with a reputation for developing people also find it easier to recruit and retain high-caliber employees.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Keeping track of training activities and analyzing their effectiveness.
  • Designing professional development for employees.
  • Finding ways to help employees improve their job skills.
  • A corporate trainer job description entails working closely with individuals at all levels within an organization, from top to bottom. From this, corporate trainers have a unique and valuable perspective of the company that enables them to identify areas for improvement and training.

    Organizing and obtaining training manuals and guides. This can include visuals, presentations and program plans that serve as educational materials for employees. They present information through formats like simulations, team exercises, discussions, lectures and more. They typically manage a team of instructors that carry out the training programs they integrate.

    Evaluate the success of their programs by conducting company-wide surveys, interviewing employees and consulting with managers. Their overall aim is to increase profitability and efficiency through improving the skills and work styles of employees at all levels of a company. 

  • Skills

    Should have a background in psychology, such as a bachelor’s degree in the field. This is often because of the interpersonal nature of the work they do. Transferable skills from psychology course work include:

  • Data analysis
  • Research design
  • Interpersonal organization
  • Information gathering. it’s crucial that you understand sociocultural dynamics within groups, which is another aspect of psychology curriculum. Strong oral and written communication skills are also useful. Applicant with exprience/ that studied related course can apply.  
  • NOTE: Interested applicant MUST be Lagos resident


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