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Hayat Holding is among Turkey's top 100 industrial companies, employing over 10,000 people both in Turkey and abroad. Hayat Group is a conglomerate that operates mainly in two industries. Kastamonu Entegre is the leading company in the wood-based panel industry and Hayat Kimya is among the top FMCG companies.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Position : HSQ-Manager

Job Description

  • Responsible for defining hazards in the work place and making risk assessment, making suggestions for eliminating hazards and bringing risks under control, giving reports to the Q-HSE Group Manager in this respect.
  • Responsible for giving preference to the precautions for eliminating the hazards at the source and making assessments based on measurements according to the characteristics of the job and the work place, making suggestions to the plant manager in respect with safety precautions by taking the views of employees and their representatives and following up the activities.
  • Responsible for HSE related periodical controls, maintenance and measurements, ensuring applications of the plans that have been made.
  • Responsible for keeping the records of the measurements that have to be made periodically in the framework of occupational health and safety, controlling relevant machinery and equipment.
  • Responsible for issuing emergency plans defining the actual and imminent hazards and incidents and indicating how the relevant risks are prevented by taking the results of risk assessments consideration and ensuring the necessary practices.
  • Responsible for preventing fires and explosions, taking precautions in case of fires and explosions, controlling the fire equipment and extinguishers, developing fire  teams, managing the works such as protection from fire and struggling with fire and recording the relevant events.
  • Responsible for participating in the meeting of Occupational Health and Safety Committee, to inform the committee about health and safety status of the work place and making suggestions.
  • Following and updating the legal regulations relating to the departments for which he/she is responsible according to the Compliance with Legal and Other Conditions and Following Procedure.
  • Ensuring that duty force, machines, materials etc. for which he/she is responsible have to be used efficiently and productively and avoiding every kind of squandering.
  • Responsible for managing applications of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 9001 Quality Management and recording the documentation.
  • Improving Q-HSE targets in the facility for which he/she is responsible and following the consequences.
  • Controlling the stuff to be active in the scope of laws, bylaws, regulations and workplace instructions relating to Q-HSE.
  • Responsible for managing the relations with official and private offices in documentation works regarding Q-HSE activities.
  • Responsible for managing relations with official and private offices, preparing necessary documents and recording and archiving regarding Q-HSE activities.
  • Responsible for planning expenses budget regarding Q-HSE Department and submitting it to approval.
  • Responsible for ensuring necessary works at the workplace according to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Responsible for making preventive action plans and apply them by assessing the work place health and safety status of the work place by cooperating with the work place medical center and assessing accidents and occupational diseases that might be occurred in the work place together with the on-site doctor and making preventive action plans .
  • Responsible for reporting the accidents occurred in the work place within 24 hours to the Q-HSE Group Manager.
  • Responsible for performing corrective action plans by making examinations and researches in order to prevent repeating the accidents and Professional diseases occurred in the work place and applying them.
  • Responsible for leading BOS tours in the context of Behavior Observation System and participating in them.
  • Responsible for leading Hazard Tours to be made weekly together with the Plant Manager and participating in them.
  • Responsible for analyzing the monthly BOS Results.
  • Responsible for developing methods for the examinations and researches to be made in the work place, informing the employees regarding those methods, filling up examination forms after each examination and informing the Plant Manager about them and following up the results, keeping the forms for examinations and following-ups.
  • In case of establishing a new system in the work place or buying new machines and devices, responsible for defining the properties searching for health and safety and establishing system according to those properties and giving report to the Plant Manager in order to buy machines and devices.
  • Responsible for giving report to the Plant Manager for choosing, using, maintaining and testing the qualified personal protective equipment.
  • Responsible for making suggestions to the Plant Manager about the training courses to be provided in order to develop a safe working environment in the work place.
  • Responsible for making researches, preparing suggestions and submitting them to approval in regard with environmental protection measures that have to be taken in managements.
  • Responsible for performing works for installment facilities preventing air and water pollution, planning requirements and submitting them to approval.
  • Responsible for managing water treatment facilities in the work place, defining the requirements and informing the relevant units about them.
  • Responsible for analysis and laboratory studies required by water treatment activities.
  • Responsible for recording the wastes that come to the chemical waste area and make them eliminated after approval according to the legal rules.
  • Responsible for MSDS forms availability for every kind of chemicals in the area.
  • Responsible for reporting Q-HSE Group Manager in respect with environment.
  • Responsible for the necessary organizations and applications about activities according to the fire protection rules.
  • Responsible for periodical controls, maintenance and measurements of the fire protection systems in the work place and applications of the plans prepared.
  • Responsible for preventing fires and explosions, taking precautions in case of fire and explosions, controlling fire protection equipment and tools.
  • Responsible for conducting activities about preparation, tracing and taking delivery about the projects regarding fire protection in the time of investment.
  • Responsible for preparation of “Civil Defense and Emergency Action Plans”, ensuring training activities in the plans and updating the plans.
  • Responsible for planning periodical fire training providing for personnel and fire protection teams.
  • Responsible for conducting the works of technical maintenance, control and examinations of fire protection equipment that are required periodically by laws and regulations.
  • Responsible for making necessary searches about new devices, systems etc. about fire security, following new technologies and making suggestions about applying them in the managements.
  • Responsible for issuing necessary documents and taking necessary precautions in terms of the occupational safety and fire security of the companies that are active in the management.
  • Responsible for keeping the fire extinguishing equipment in active that are used in managements.
  • Plans and realizes the internal audits by establishing inspection team in order to realize the internal audit activities necessary for providing sustenance of managements systems and controlling applications and reports the conclusions to the upper management.
  • Represents the Company in the audits of management systems second and third parties audits.
  • Responsible for running QDMS system.
  • Coordinates the revision meetings of the management, participates in them, keeps reports and makes distributions of them.
  • Inspects compliance of the supplier to the Company's Quality Management System
  • Before the purchase process together with the relevant units about convenient supplier choice, makes reporting to the relevant units.
  • Ensures managing the quality control process in direction of relevant procedure, instruction, standard and organization principles.
  • Takes every kind of measures in order to prevent the product defects from reaching consumers and gives approvals.
  • Makes preventive activities for corrections of repeated critical defects.
  • Ensures compliance with hygienic measures from raw material input to product output.
  • Responsible for assessing the customer complaints about products in direction of the reports from Quality Control Chief, categorizes them and bring the results to coordination meetings as agenda item.
  • Ensures making activities for cost reduction without sacrificing quality.
  • Makes interviews with departments such as Consumer Group Planning Directory and Marketing and Project tracing.
  • Participates in the quality inspection of the suppliers.
  • Reads declarations transferred from every kind of internal and external sources according to the communication process, declares his or her suggestions to the upper management.
  • Transfers the decisions that are made to the relevant employees and the respondents.
  • Responsible for giving statute decisions for defect products, raw materials and packaging materials, making declarations to the supplier companies about the case and making written declarations and makes delivery of the defect products.
  • Assesses the test results made by Quality Control Chief and controls the records.
  • Gives detailed information to other departments for chronic defects and follow ups the arrangements.
  • Performs quality controls of the products, assesses the products outside quality specs, makes rejection decision when it is necessary.
  • Makes inspections of required test devices relating to Quality Control Department and gives approval for purchasing.
  • Participates in the works performed for increasing customers' satisfaction, perceiving customer's expectations.

Desired Skills and Experience
We are looking for a HSE-Q Manager for our Nigeria Hayat Kimya plant in AGBARA with following qualifications:

  • Minimum 10 years for Q - HSE Managerial experience
  • Ability to communicate with employees at all levels,
  • Thorough knowledge of applicable laws, regulations and codes,
  • Expert level know - how on HSE Management Systems and Risk Assessment Methodologies
  • Ability to build trust and confidence with management and supervision,
  • Strategic thinking and leadership skills,
  • Result oriented, self-motivated, positive and energetic, enthusiastic, creative and eager to learn continuously

How To Apply
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